Xe limousine Vũng Tàu - TP Hồ Chí Minh

Bring your pet and travel to Vung Tau – Ho Chi Minh City with you

We cooperate with partners to accept pets (dogs, cats) traveling on limousines on Vung Tau – Ho Chi Minh City route.

Passengers wishing to bring pets must ensure the following regulations:

  • Pets are put in specialized, odorless backpacks. Pets are limited to less than 04 (four) kg. Pets must be accompanied by someone, not accepting children alone.
  • Do not bring pet food or drink on board.
  • Pets must sit with (or below) the passenger, without disturbing other passengers.
  • Surcharge per pet is 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND depending on pet size and cage.

Almost every time we travel to Vung Tau, we often leave our pets at home or go to pet hotels. And many times you want to take them out with you but there are many difficulties, after reading this article, please contact us to book a LIMOUSINE Vung Tau car to take your pet to Vung Tau. with you, family and loved ones!

Contact information for booking a car


Tel: 0918 665 1660918 326 066

Website: https://limousinevungtau.vn

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