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Hai Tram 9-seat limousine passenger car on Xuyen Moc – Ben Cat route

In order to meet the travel needs and diversify routes, Hai Tram 9-seat premium passenger car proudly announces the opening of a new route on May 1, 2021: XUYEN MOC – CHAU DUC – BIEN HOA – BINH DUONG – BEN CAT

  • Limousine, 9-seat premium car, clean, newly exploited
  • Professional, dedicated, hospitable driver
  • Receive consignment goods all over the line

Schedule for Hai Tram passenger car on Xuyen Moc – Ben Cat route

  • From Xuyen Moc to Binh Duong at: 4:00 am, 6:00 am, 11:00 pm, 14:00 pm.
  • From Binh Duong to Xuyen Moc at: 7:00 am, 10:00 am, 15:00 pm, 17:30 pm.

The journey time by car is about 4 hours.

Xuyen Moc – Binh Duong passenger car route

XUYEN MOC: Bung Ke, Bau Lam, Ba To, Ho Tram, Ho Coc

CHAU DUC: Binh Gia, Ngai Giao, Lang Lon, Hac Dich, Song Xoai, Trang Cat, My Xuan, Highway 51

BIEN HOA: Bien Hoa Bus Station, Bien Hoa Hospital, Gate 11, 7B Hospital, Amata Industrial Park, Tam Hiep 4-way intersections, Vung Tau crossroads, Hoa An Bridge

BINH DUONG: Uyen Hung, Ong Cu Temple, An Phu 6-way intersections, Binh Chuan, Hoa Lan crossroads, Dia Chat 4-way intersections, Binh Duong Boulevard, Phu Loi, Go Dau roundabout, Binh Duong bus station, So Sao 4 intersection , Dai Nam Industrial Park, My Phuoc 1 Industrial Park, My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park, My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Ben Cat

Procedure to book passenger car ticket on Xuyen Moc – Binh Duong route

Step 1: Call to contact number 0917276166091524145609183260660919757166. Passengers need to provide information including: departure date and time, pick-up place, destination and number of passengers.

Step 2: The consultant will record the information and forward it to the operator to contact you immediately within 1 minute, providing full information and ticket price to you.

Step 3: Successfully confirm via SMS to the passenger’s phone number about the pick up time and location.
For further information, please contact us:

Phone: 0917276166091524145609183260660919757166

Website: https://limousinevungtau.vn/

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